Core Marketplace and Lereholm Realm

The Map of Marketplace with the realms of Lereholm depicted.  Forgive the terrible handwriting.  (Incidentally, the two dots just south of Akiyuri are planned future stelae placements.  If they happen, the Kubaicho Channel will become completely closed at the south end.)



North America – Year 8

First we have the map of North America.  Unless noted, Mixed Zones are stable.

Green = Lost Worlds Mixed Zone

Yellow = Marketplace Mixed Zone

Dark Red = Nolava Realm (Orange is Marketplace Mixed Zone, Pink is Tharkold Mixed Zone)

Silver = Tharkold Mixed Zone

Brown = Lost Worlds Mixed Zone and New invasion zones.   L=Living Land, A=Arachnidida, R=Tz’Ravok

Purple = Cyberpapacy Mixed Zone

Black = Orrorsh Mixed Zone

Blue = Nile Empire Mixed Zone and Realm

Gold = Aztec Empire Realm

Red = Aysle RealmTORG America 3a

Preview 13 Fighting the High Lords

Stelae still the same distance, and six connection.
AY, CP, and LL “Stelae” are pictured. Not terribly subtle. Instead of a coin its a Dark Shrine. Instead of an altar its a cathedral. Should be much easier to find. Despite this they claim that ripping stelae is an optional game element, and the game should focus on playing in the realms.

Axiom Wash – Bridge Zone starts Dom then flips Pure. Others start Mixed, HL can spend PE to make it Dom, or it will shift in 3-6 months.
Inanimate stuff transforms in 1 day (pure), 1 week (dom). 1/3 population changes instantly, the rest per the old transformation table.
This is good, I recently discovered that the PCs could rip up a just activated stelae within a few hours and have fewer casualties than the invasion would cause.

Eternity Shards
Are supposed to be artifacts. The sample is a Tharkold E-shard. Improves a vehicles Maneuver Rating +2, can tap the 3P for piloting or negating vehicular damage. Tapping DN 16 – which would be low under the old rules, but much harder with the lower numbers in this edition.
No Group Power.
This is an “artifact”? Its a slightly impressive magic item.

Torg Eternity Preview 12

Preview 12 Villains and Foes

Special Abilities
Dread – really scary creatures make the scene dramatic if they show up. Sounds cool. I’ve kinda wanted something like this.
Fear – Much weaker than the Orrorsh Fear. A simple +/- 4.
Large – There is a bonus to hit big creatures. But they get extra shock and wounds. There was a similar large/small trait in D6. I had to add a house rule. Otherwise the bonus of being big is negated by the additional margin of success on the attack roll. Bigger creatures can take more damage, but you automatically do more damage to them – in some cases you successfully hit and do damage at all because of it.
I ruled the To-hit bonus margin does not count toward MoS.
Mindless – Another good rule. Old school had similar rules but they differed from creature to creature or book to book.
Swarms (and Mobs) – some more rules I think sound good.

Have special abilities as well.
Minions – Works like the Alpha Stech spell. You shoot the big guy, and one of his minions takes the hit. Great way to stop PCs from taking out the big bad without going through his mooks.
Gloater and Insidious – works like the Interaction rules of old. If they perform such an attack they can take cards from your hand/pool. Also, they can do this as a One-on-Many without penalty.

Sample Villains
So I see why attributes are cheaper. Average values are lower. Not sure by how much. Shocktroopers have 6-8 values.

Nile Shocktroopers
Are no longer armed with KK81s but Nazi German MP-40s (Damage 13 – keep that in mind).

Pan-Pacifican Zombies – not much to comment on.

1) It appears that these are a single creature type. The multiple types of OG Aysle are gone apparently.
2) Breath Weapon – Damage 14 (only 1.5 times as deadly as a Shocktrooper’s rifle.
3) Claws – STR+2/19 (don’t worry about the Dragon breathing on you – just don’t get close. They are 10x more deadly than the breath weapon. And 15x more deadly than a Assault Rifle.)

These numbers seem ridiculous. Again, maybe they make sense in context. But they sound absurd so far.

I’m really thinking we’ll be buying the books, using the setting, and making a Frankenstein hybrid of the new rules and old.