An Update

Cosmbook Project

I’ve had Khem, Magna Verita, Gaea, Star Sphere, and Terra done for months.  But I just have not had time to edit all the unwanted double spaced lines.  Khem went up a few minutes ago, though some tables are not edited to reinstate tabbed spaces.  I also left out the table for Pulp Powers – I may scan and post it as an image.

Others will get done eventually.  Or, I may just post the setting information and omit the html fouled rules chapters.

Torg Eternity

I plan to do a full assessment eventually.  To sum up, a few issues I do have with the system.  But the setting is excellent (I’ve started adding some aspects of it into my updates of classic – which means my Infiniverse Update Year 10 will not be going online), and the system overall is good.  Much easier to use than classic.

In short, AMAZING game.  If you are on the fence, give it a try.

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